2018 January - Step 3 NEW!

Launched 3 pulsotron fusion reactor sales worldwide

Pulsotron 500K - MAG

Pulsotron 500K - Ring

Pulsotron 500K - Liner

2018 January - Step 2

Signed distribution contract for Spain, Morocco and Portugal

Modificated the 3D design of the 500K-MAG

2017 December - Step 1

Creation of scientific consortium

2017 December

Modification of the design of Pulsotron-500K-MAG

2017 December

Pulsotron 500K project opened to new members at researchgate scientific forum. 12 new researchers joined the team from 8 countries

2015 July

500 tests reached with Pulsotron-2. Tests of confinment time and sensors.


Pulsotron-2. Increasing pressure tests. Tests of multimegawatts plasma thrusters.

2013 Oct

Pulsotron-2 PRESSURE IGNITION CONDITIONS were verified in an independent certification company, bein the first fusion device to be submitted to certification

2009 March

Pulsotron-2 Commisioning

2009 March

Urgent repairings of Pulsotron-1B that was seriously damaged

2009 April

Testing using Pulsotron-1B and also 1A up to 185 targets and 243 tests included calibration shots

2009 March

Pulsotron-1B commisioning. System integration


Performed >200 tests. Reached 450GPa

2006 Dec

Build of first reactors and testing

2006 Nov

Pulsotron-1A commisioning. System integration.