We design and build reactors to power the world

This is the Official Site of the Pulsotron project that consists of building two fusion reactors: Miranda and the Pulsotron-4 designed to reach ignition in the short term to power plants by using the most advanced reactors.

Pulsotron-3 is the first fusion reactor that couples direct electric energy coils to recover energy from reacted alpha particles as long as its main use is to generate energy, instead of long term investigation it was the first fusion reactor to recover electric energy directly from plasma and has the record of 88.17% of the injected energy.

Now the main duty of Pulsotron-4 is to reach more than 200% to allow us to build commercial energy generating reactors to power the world, reduce world CO2 emissions to zero and reverse climate change as soon as possible.

Pulsotron laboratory

These are the steps performed:

  1. Pulsotron-2 certified ignition conditions in an external multinational company
  2. Pulsotron-3 recovers 88% of the injected electric energy, as was measured between the output capacitor leads, so it is calculated that about 8.3% of the fuel is burned
  3. Pulsotron-4 generates 20 times more energy when thermonuclear fuel is installed when using magnetic mirrors that undoubtedly  advise that almost all the fuel is burned

Then the next step is to recover that energy to build commercial reactors

Only in the mobility sector, it is expected to sell more than 185 billion euros every year, create 1.3 million jobs and pay 39 billion euros in taxes every year and solve the commercial and government balance of the country selected to locate our company

Miranda reactors are based on simulation as can be seen in our publication. That is not my main publication, but it says that is possible ignition in the short term, the reactor must be built as soon as possible




Pulsotron-3 is the previous stage to reach ignition and is based in our well-proven and certified Pulsotron-2A reactor, here is a photo during the building:

What we want?: reduce CO2 emissions to O

Climate change is here, there is a shortage of desalinated water, and also dozens of nuclear plants must be switch down in the short end. The shortest way to fight with the three problems are our short term reactors, so we proposed the Miranda reactor and the Elena reactors, the first one is building up.

Actual fission plants are obsolete and generate an enormous risk to continue its operation, as an example, this is a nuclear plant threatening the largest river basin in Spain

Fusion reactors using non-contaminant reactions are intrinsic secure and not generate nuclear waste. Our reactors can begin operation in 4 years to reduce electricity cost an 80% and can work at actual facilities


Clean Fusion

By using P+11B fusion avoiding secondary reactions to make clean fusion, so it can be used in desalination plants to have water with a 40% cost cut. With that improvement, it can be installed fusion reactors to feed the 1600 desalination plants worldwide to help farmers to fight the climate change.

Clean fusion is not possible to be performed in actual fusion reactors due to large energy losses due to electron radiation. Electrons are not heated lowering Bremsstrahlung radiation that is proportional to the 4th power of the energy. Electromagnetic energizing allows us to increase plasma temperature well over 300 kiloelectronvolts directly proportional to the injected energy



Low electron temperatures

One of the reactors advantages is the low electron temperature, a dozen times less than tokamaks to allow higher plasma density and lot fewer power losses that allow making compact reactors.  It is designed a new plasma parameter that we call “SP” parameter that gives the relationship between ion and electron temperatures. This parameter must be over 60% in our reactors.

In the reactor design, it is used a multithread magnetic simulator that uses a high accuracy magnetic field and high-speed thanks of the use of elliptic integrals. The algorithm was run over Miranda reactor giving us an electromagnetic acceleration of the plasma with a 93.7% efficiency and an ion efficiency (SP parameter) of  87%.


Compact reactors can power ships and submarines using clean energy. There are 52000 merchant ships, 4400 passenger ones, and 500 submarines.

  1. Electric Car quick chargers
  2. Move trucks and buses
  3. Reduce CO2 emissions and electricity cost in the industry
  4. Substitute coal plants


Several tools are used, as example our large inventory of electromagnetic simulators, with thousand C++ lines and based on proven formulas and papers, also PSpice based simulations of circuits, PCB programs, 3-D design programs, and our fully equipped laboratory, perhaps with not top price equipment and luxuries bust just enough to build and test. Also, we subcontract lots of parts to several European and Asian companies.