tests S4022-S4026 new energy recovery record

It was tested the samples S4022-24 using ERC19 and samples S4025 and 26 using ERC16.

The test S4022 went wrong due to the scope setup used in the previous ones and the data was lost, so the test was repeated at test S4023 but the copper part of the ERC (electric recovery coil) that recovers planar electric waves made a short circuit and produced a blast during the charging of the main capacitor bank that had to be aborted, then it was repaired using a piece of paperboard and made the test but only 3.6% of the energy was recovered. It was repeated (test S4024) but exactly the same amount of energy was recovered.

Image capture from test S4023

Then it was placed on Pulsotron-4 the old ERC-16 with only two recovery coils to test what is better, one of them was built using a plumber torch joining several pieces of copper. As a result, I burn my hand as I am not expertise using the torch but doesn’t matter because  82.99% of the injected energy was recovered but one of the ERCs was not well fixed and was blown away. In test S4026 the ERC was fixed improving results to 114.43% that is good because is the first time that more energy is recovered than injected, but it is even better that there is a lot more room for improvements.

Test S4025. Both coils recover almost the same energy

As long as the magnetic sensors hinder the energy recovery tests, they were removed