Test of the ERC-45

In order to test new energy recovery coils to be used in the next Pulsotron-5 fusion reactor, it was refurbished about 40% of the Pulsotron-4, then it was installed the chamber ERC-45, then it was made a test. The test objective and results are confidential, but two captures of the test are released.

About the ERC-47 it was damaged the plasma deflector, the foundation, the first stage, and the launcher, but we hope to repair to make two new tests

Test S4058


The design of the Pulsotron-5 fusion reactor is initiated. It is initiated the design of the compressing coils, main power supply, and new energy recovery coils that will be tested using Pulsotron-4

Accordingly our calculus we can make to react more than 86%  of the fuel.

A new sensor was tested that will help in the measurement of the electric field