New Magnet application

A Magnet application is released in order to help calculations of the  magnetic field inside reactors of the Liner class. Can be also used in Miranda reactors to help confine plasma before plasma heating in the  300KeV to 500keV region, divertor aparatus, plasma deflectors, electron deflectors, spin orientation, and electrokinetic compression

Problems with Miranda simulations

After the update of the Magnetic Simulator version 39 it was stated that the magnetic field is not enought to confine plasma over 400keV, so we have to study if more coils must be added.

Today we received the reactor chamber Mir-EP-02  and vacuum seals. the reactor chamber is compatible with Miranda 803 and 804 plasma heaters body but not with reactors of the Liner class



Clean reactions to be used

Advanced Ignition reactors will use clean reactions

The clean reactions are:

  • H+ Be9 -> Li6 + Alfa + 2.64MeV gain 528%
  • H + Li6 -> He4 + He3 + 4 MeV gain 800%
  • H+B11 -> 3 Alfa + 8.686MeV gain 12360%

Clean reactions are impossible to be performed using old electron heaters reactors as long as they radiates all the received energy with the 4TH power of the plasma energy and that reactions needs more than 350 keV that could not be reached in any reactor that heats thermally the plasma, as it was stated in our Pulsotron-2A reactor unless plasma density is lowered so much that very few reactions can be done as happened in the old reactors. So it was created new ion injection systems that allows to multiply ten times plasma energy by using ten times more power. Our reactor losses are in the range of a few hundred watts.

In the following figure appear the proton-beryllium reaction cross section. As larger the cross section is, more power can be extracted from the plasma.