Electric generation setup blown

In this week’s tests, it was intended to improve the electric recovery setup by making some modifications to check the electromagnetic transmission of energy.

It installed a second DC-link capacitor but before connecting, it was shortened the length of wires and tested.

In the third test, the coupling was very good and an extremely high current was flown inside the DC-link capacitor blowing its wires and also a 47-kiloohm 5W resistance installed for slow discharge the DC-ling capacitor between tests, but the capacitor was discharged at the beginning.

Here is the photo of the blown resistance:

Resistor blew at DC-link capacitor

Capture made during test number S3023:


Capture made during test number S3024:

Test number S3024

It is clear that a new transmission line must be installed between the electric energy recovery coils and the dc-link capacitors