Electric Generation Test!

Yesterday we began the Electrical Generation tests.

To make them we had to pass Spanish Militar police controls due to the Covid quarantine.

it was a very productive day and 6 tests were performed and in the last one, a large capacitor was installed to load and measure the electromagnetic recovery energy of more than 300 volts. We were surprised about so high level values because a 2.2% of the energy was recovered using a small coil. It can be upgraded to recover 5 times more energy and more improvements we hope to recover a lot more
Some energy remains in the capacitor after the test but much lower because the energy was not rectified.
Electric energy recovery at a DC-link capacitor
From today, Pulsotron-3 is the first fusion reactor that recovers electric energy directly
In the photo, it was measured the remaining voltage at the capacitor.
As can be seen in the following capture photo the coils must withstand a huge blast and extreme temperatures but they survived.
Test number S3018

Also, it was made measurements of the generated magnetic field, but the sensor enclosure was dismantled and it had to be glued (it was unglued in order to have access to the sensor coils).

Now with the two oscilloscopes in parallel and energy recovery coil and all the sensors close to the target, there is very small space for new sensors