Electromagnetic luminescence after high energy electromagnetic pulse

In test S3055 it was installed the repaired MAG-4 sensor and the new energy recovery coil REC-8. As a result, the energy recovered was 419% higher than in test S3049, but lower than in the last test, so some modifications from coils REC-4 to REC-8 must be reverted.

It was totally destroyed the MAG-4 sensor and could not be repaired again, so in the following tests magnetic field was not measured.

in test S3056 the coil was mounted around a pyrex glass. As a result, it was recovered 42% less energy. The recovery REC-6 was totally destroyed, also the pyrex glass coil was totally destroyed but in the high-speed video it was seen it emitted luminescence after the electromagnetic pulse was finished

It was tested using different storage of energy than using capacitors and new energy recovery coils in tests 3057 and 3058 but it generates high voltage but low current energy pulses so energy recovery is too difficult

Test S3056. EM Luminescence