Giant magnetic fields due nuclear fusions measured

A Peer-reviewed paper is made public:

The measured results of two tests T3073 and T3074 performed in 28 August, 2020 are presented in this paper. Tests are conducted in the z-pinch type nuclear fusion reactor Pulsotron-3 with the target loaded with Hydrogen-Boron (H+B11) thermonuclear fuel. A group of Energy Recovery Coils (ERCs) were mounted to recover the electric energy directly from the plasma for the first time in the world and ERCs stored the energy in several large capacitors. During the test T3073 and T3074 the energy recovery capacitors recovered 22.59% and 17.74% of the injected energy at the target. A magnetic sensor MAG-4 consisting of inductor coils and dipoles were installed in Pulsotron-3 to measure the Time Of Flight (TOF) of the plasma and the magnetic field generated due to nuclear fusion. Magnetic fields more than 4 megateslas are obtained during the two tests. It is also observed that Pulsotron-3 with the target loaded with thermonuclear fuel generated 20-34 times larger peak magnetic fields and 12-18 times larger stabilized magnetic fields compare to the tests done using unloaded target (dummy loads). In this proposed technology Pulsotron-3 utilizes thermonuclear fuel to generate clean electric power without CO2 footprint and reduce the operational cost.

Low resolution and high-speed capture made during the test