Magnetic Simulators

We have made several custom magnetic field simulators that can be used in the particle accelerators that are used in fusion reactors but also could be used in the design of Plasma Thrusters.

The simulators are used to calculate accurately the magnetic field of circular and rectangle coils. In order to have accurate results it was used elliptic integrals and without making approximations. The simulators use multithreads to increase simulation speed up to 8 times.

Actually we work in new simulators to use in different shapes coils but with less accuracy.

Our simulators can work with rectangle section plasma cameras:

The simulator works well also for circular section torus. It was used in the design of Miranda fusion reactor particle accelerator:

There is a specific simulator tio be used to calculate accurately magnetic lenses:

Our magnetic lens simulator measures with great accuracy the particle trajectories, so could be used to focus not only electrons but also ions

Also particle deviators by using rectangle and circular coils. Can be used to design sensors to measure kinetic energy and density of accelerated ions.  The particle deviators can combine different lenses to deviate two to four times the particle beams