New magnetic sensor array

A new sensor array is installed close to the target.
We made 3 tests, in the first test 28 kilotesla was reached, in the second test only 5.6 kilotesla, but in the third 74 kilotesla was reached, but also sustained during 500 nanoseconds!.
The new sensor array allows a redundant check of the generated magnetic field and more information of the plasma shape but a lot of calculus was involved
In the 3rd test it was used a new system with seven energy recovery coils Energy generation is around the corner Also, we mounted a new globe box to mount inside fusion fuel to begin to generate energy (actually only 2-5% of the energy is recovered) to increase >5x energy generation The electrodes were severy damaged in the last tests but not changed, we had no SD card to record images, but we prefer not to take videos instead erase the SD with hard rock music at the playback equipment that is more needed to work than have some images. In another way, we are building a 20x more powerful capacitor as long as existing ones are not powerful enough