New magnetic sensors test

It is really difficult to measure magnetic fields exceeding the kilotesla range and current over 100 kiloamps, so a new current & magnetic sensor array was designed, built and installed, but we had a lot of troubles to set all the sensors to a short distance from the target.
Fortunately, a new high-speed scope arrived sorting the blocking of authorities quarantine due to the COVID19 pandemic so with both scopes together we doubled the acquisition capacity.
Also, it was installed new devices to test the direct conversion of the energy to electricity, so a large high voltage film capacitor is connected to an electromagnetic energy recovery coil.
The new scope captured the data very well but the old one not due to an error of the trigger setup, so the new devices could not be tested.
The generating coil was damaged by the test but it was still working.
The new sensor array was damaged but still working. It is due the enclosure was not yet glued until it is tested
It was tried to make a new test, but again the sealing was broken and large internal electrical blasts in the Pulsotron-3 placed it out of service gain.