New sensors survives!

                                  Test number S3009

During the 5th test campaign, the array of sensors finally survived the huge explosion generating megabits of data. We will have to automate the reading of them. Next week a second data acquisition equipment will allow us to capture data from another 4 sensors at 1 Giga sample/second, and we hope to install new sensors to measure generated power with or without thermonuclear fuel. In addition, we have received inert gas equipment to work with precision binocular to load fuel in the Argon atmosphere. Another inert gas equipment is manufacturing. Additionally, Miranda reactor components and alpha-particle shielding components have been commissioned. I barely have time to upload a small capture of the last essay but unfortunately is not a very good image to be taken with an old high-speed camera. We are also in negotiations with a German company interested in building targets serially. That could help us to achieve the pressure obtained in the Ivy Mike hydrogen bomb (but with a much lower fuel). In addition, the technological institute that works with us is analyzing the data from the previous tests but the coronavirus is working again that.

Another new is that the Pulsotron-3 was presented in Irin in the Go-Mobility congress in the middle of several coronavirus alerts.