Pulsotron-3 repaired

We call it “the sensor destroyer”, as it destroys all unfortunate sensors that try to survive to its powerful plasma ball.

After hard work, it was repaired the Pulsotron-3. Only 2 tests were performed because the sensor optical front-end was removed in the second test and must be repaired.
It was not possible to mount the old sensor array because one of the photodiodes was burned, but still, we will try to replace it.
We tested the Geiger alpha particle sensor and fortunately the measurement is not affected by the electromagnetic shock.
Also, 4 new sensors are building: a new sensor array with an optical front end that will detect the plasma ball size, a second two photodiodes coupled to scintillators, and 2 “arc array” that will measure output power. We will try to measure the increase of the output energy that must be higher with fusion fuel ignition than without fuel. Also, in the arc sensors, a charge sensor must measure incoming charges.
In the second shot (number 3008), the isolation was broken and the small plasma ball generated run away through the transmission line scratching and destroying all its isolation along its path, as can be seen in the images at second and 3rd captions.
Also, the target injector was broken and we could see in the high-speed camera its burning fly. We hope in the future that fewer things are broken.
Here is a photo of  Dani making some metal works during the repairings