Reached 5 mega tesla fields in tests 3052 & 3053 loaded with thermonuclear fuel


An unprecedented magnetic field was measured in both loaded tests:
At test 3052 it was measured 5.73 Megateslas and 41.74 Joules was recovered
At test 3053 it was measured 5.77 Megateslas and 50.07 Joules was recovered
In previous tests with the same setup using unloaded tests it was measured:
At test 3048 it was measured 98.2 Kiloteslas and 41.77 Joules was recovered
At test 3049 it was measured 81.0 Kiloteslas and 42.20 Joules was recovered
In the second loaded test it was detected an increase of the energy recovery of 18% with respect unloaded ones
Actually we know where the new magnetic field cames from and we will study how to be used in Miranda magnetic confinement reactors
The job will be focused on adapting the energy recovery coils to extract better the energy of fusion reactions products
The next two weeks new magnetic fields, recovery coils, and a new setup is building to be used in Pulsotron-3 and especially at the future Pulsotron-4 device