Elena-56P20 Fusion Reactor

It is  a scientific thermonuclear fusion reactor designet to generate 3.6 MW. It works at a record energy of more than 300keV using a multistage electrostatic acceleration with extreme kinetic magnetic compression of the plasma and other fusion enhancement methods.

The 3.6MW design can be used to power trains, desalination plants, cut to 0 CO2 emissions, reduce energy cost in heavy industry, power ships and submarines. Can be upgraded to higher power levels to substitute obsolete fission plants


Do not heats electrons to boost ion heating efficiency from 2.5% to over 95% accordingly our electrostatic simulator running on Elena reactor. Elena reactors can try ignition in 3 years and begin reactors production a year later.

Control system

Control of the system can be done remotely by using labview or other similar package in order to make secure control and maintenance

Plasma thrusters and Hyperloops

Using a Liner reactor as plasma thruster configuration can give 600 Newton thrust to power spaceships and Hyperloop trains.

The calculated thrust without fusion is 600 newtons, enought to power large spaceships, with fusion it is much higher to be used in space mining