Tests 3041-3044 and magnetic field test

It was tested using short energy harvesting coils to be fit in the Ignition Chamber. As a result, they collect about 20% less energy. it was tried to change coil shapes in tests S3043 and S3044 but with unsuccessful results.

The magnetic sensor-3 obtains high levels of the magnetic field: between 225-238 kiloteslas in the 3041 test and between 219-242 kiloteslas in the second test.

The TOF measurements show that the plasma ball was broken sooner than in other tests but at least 88% of the capacitor bank energy was discharged inside before breaking.

It was demonstrated that as more energy is collected, more powerful is the voltage transient during the current injection, so a higher magnetic coupling is performed between the bank capacitor and its transmission lines to the energy recovery coils

S3041 test

It was Abuilt a small prototype of the high voltage Miranda power supply, but the test failed when trying to couple primary and secondary magnetic fields.