Pulsotron-3 load test and Miranda body built by Zaragoza university

It was finished the structure of Pulsotron-3. It was connected to the HV controller. Also, it was done load test at 20% and discharge test.
Remote measurement system OK also
It must be installed the remote firing system and the target fixture
Miranda reactor is at 32%. We have one of the capacitor banks and the reactor body was built at Zaragoza Spanish University. They needed 2 months and 6 failed reactor bodies to build the final body. We needed to simulate 970000 reactors to decide what was the best of them to be built. It is a magnetic confinement reactor that uses extremely very high density and temperature plasma. Miranda reactor is a totally new reactor with no tokamak shape that allows confining 750keV plasma and also 3.3MeV alpha particles