Pulsotron-4 Magnetic field record without fusion

At this test campaign, it was tested the new magnetic sensor MAG5 that is designed to measure magnetic fields up to 4 gigahertz and withstand ten times larger magnetic fields than the old MAG4 sensor.

As a result in the test 4002 the magnetic field was so large that saturated oscilloscope channels corresponding for the two more close sensors, giving 3.92 Megateslas at the third

At test 4003 it was measured 2.67Megateslas, but the magnetic sensor was broken. Also, several isolation parts of the Pulsotron was broken and must be replaced.
As a conclusion, the performance of Pulsotron-4 generates 5.3 times larger magnetic fields than Pulsotron-3
In order to measure the Time of Flight (TOF) and plasma ball expansion, it was installed three oscilloscope probes connected to three dipole sensors installed sequentially, that measure the electric resistivity of the passing plasma through the dipoles.
No electric recovery test was performed.
S4002 TOF test