New arc sensor burning but still working

Tests number S3012-3015 were performed during this week in spite of the coronavirus

The new power supply is not enough stable and was retired. The second one does not give enough current and the 3rd blown 3 of the fuses, I have only one and can not buy more because of the quarantine.

Also, the main dc/dc suffered a short cut and died but that doesn’t matter because the entire arc-sensor where burn and the 4 expensive calibrated PT100 did not survive, but fortunately, they sent valuable information before dying. The short cut of the DC/DC was provoked because the recovered energy voltage was really very high and entered in short-circuit with the DC/DC and the power supply. That is very good notice, so the next tests will be centered on the arc sensor but must survive. The arc sensor can not be reinforced with more robust metal parts in the short term due to querantine restrictions.