Tested ERC-27 at tests 4037 and 4038, magnetic field record smashed

The new chamber ERC-27 was tested using nuclear fuel and also magnetic mirrors. In test 4037 performed last week the chamber was damaged but could be repaired. Then it was repaired and made a second test, then the ERC-27 survived but not the launcher that is used to close the switch that was blown. The generated energy was 25% lower but it could be measured the magnetic field that blown the last record that is now over 10.5 Megateslas, but it can not be measured accurately because that it was 282% higher than the maximum level of the sensor and also higher than the scope scale. During 3.8 microseconds it was established the field over 2.5 Megateslas at the nuclear fuel surface, and also 35 kiloteslas at a larger distance.

Test 4038