Tests S4004-40012 performed, and magnetic sensor damaged again

During the last test campaigns performed from 25 October 2020 until 7 of November, 9 tests were performed, and as a result, 1.6-2.57 megateslas was reached, or perhaps higher, but unfortunately our star oscilloscope of 4 gigahertz is out for calibration, but in the last test only 287 kiloteslas was obtained.

Test S4008

Then the magnetic sensor was removed so then an inspection revealed new damaged parts, then Pulsotron has dismantled again for inspection to see some plasma leakages discovered using the new high-speed cameras. and as a result, several parts must be changed.

As a result of the autopsy of the magnetic sensor, the high strength nylon custom case was broken so plasma entered into and severy burned the flex PCB board. In the following photo in the upper right corner can be observed the crack and the path used by the plasma to enter trough the PCB board

Mag-5.4 sensor burned

After the dismantling of the reactor, we must wait for spare parts to repair it. Also, a new configuration could be tested, but after repeat the last test using a new sensor that is now being building