Magnetic mirrors tested and Energy Recovery System improvements

In this test campaign, it is checked using magnetic mirrors and enhanced energy recovery systems.

Miranda’s seals have been received for inspection. On the other hand, some parts of the following Pulsotron device are being designed.

S3030 Test Setup

Regarding the tests, 3 different tests were carried out on the Pulsotron-3 machine working at 90% of the maximum voltage.

S3030 Test Sequence

The use of passive magnetic mirrors was tested as well as electrical energy recovery tests. In addition, some components have been added to the Pulsotron to improve performance and reduce energy leaks, for which it was partially dismantled, but the thunder chamber that was severely damaged after the last test campaign was definitely broken. Fortunately, this setback was planned and a new more robust one was built and installed, although it was also partially damaged, verifying that the notable increase in discharge was much higher, even greater than in the previous test, proving that it was not due to currents leak In the last test, the recovery of electrical energy was tested in differential mode with the return of energy in a star configuration resulting in that it received even more energy than before.

This is the first time that we have not had major breakdowns, neither in the Pulsotron nor in the sensors and also the results have been better than expected, but at the end, it was checked that the electrodes inside the combustion chamber were damaged and should be replaced

Combustion Chamber