Several breakdown again

It was made tests 3059 to 3063. In test 3059 it was tested new coils coiled around glass pipes, as expected they broke, as it happened before, but unfortunately, the obtained energy was very low, and also it was broke the support structure MAG-8, then the glass pipe coils are withdrawn. The laboratory got covered with glass pieces that had to be cleaned, but the MAG-8 was replaced by a copy and tests continued to increase the recovered energy a 50% more using the same coils than test 3054, but failed to obtain more energy. It was investigated at post-processing the data and it was discovered  a short cut in the high-speed video, so the discharged energy in the negative line of the capacitor decreased the stored energy to levels similar to recovered one in the record test 3054

The following tests had the same problem, it was detected that the short-circuited coils were overheated due to the intense current loss of the recovered energy, so we will solve in the next test campaign to obtain better energy return as long as we need to double the recovered energy to have electric energy ignition that would make Pulsotron reactors profitable

S3059 test, coils breakdown