Tests S3045, 46, 47 and HV power supply coil tests

It was tested again the 7 coils energy recovery system, where the short coils were modified in order to increase energy recovery as long as the large ones can’t fit inside the alpha particles shield.

In the S3045 the recovered energy was almost the same as the large coils, but we lost data from oscilloscope connected to the coils in the S3046 test, so the test must be repeated.

In test S3046, it was measured 62 kiloteslas, but 25.3 kiloteslas remained during 6 microseconds as can be seen in the scope plot. It is like the plasma ball generates its own magnetic field after the discharge was finished

S3046 magnetic field oscilloscope plot

In the test S3047 we reinforced the arc recovery system using 6 times more thick wire, but it was damaged again. The recovered energy was half of the 7 coils system.

Test number S3047

It was made a test of the coil to be used in the high voltage coil to be installed in the Miranda reactor, HV configuration.

In the configuration of one turn primary coil, it was generated a secondary voltage of 166 times the primary one

In the second configuration with a primary coil length larger, only a 143x gain was achieved, and in the third using 2 coil system the multiplication factor was 284x that could lead in 500kV pulses